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Swindon Parish lies to the North West of Cheltenham mainly in the angle formed by Evesham Road and Tewkesbury Road. Its population is in the region of 1450. The heart of the Parish is the Village centered around the 12th century church with its unique bell tower with six unequally sized walls.

Over the years initially with industrial and commercial development and later coupled with housing it is slowly being drawn in to the mass that is Cheltenham.

This web site is aimed at giving the visitor some factual background by introducing the basic components of the Parish, contacts, upcoming events, social and sports clubs, activity groups and local entertainment venues. Information on the Parish Council and the minutes of it's meetings are available along with other items of local interest.

Councillor Arran Stibbe has prepared a Local Green Space application on behalf of the Parish Council. It can be viewed here.

If you wish to contact Swindon Parish Council please e-mail parish.clerk@swindonparish.org.uk

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